ICCM Email Lists

There are a number of email lists to keep the community going on in-between conferences:

You may subscribe to ICCM-Africa (for either the French or English conference in Africa) here:

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You can also join:

ICCM@yahoogroups.com – For announcements about the various ICCM conferences.

ICCM-Tech@yahoogroups.com – For technological discussions; how to do things, what works for you, etc.

ICCM-Linux@yahoogroups.com – Linux technological questions, for those loving the command-line.

To join any of the above, send an email to [List]-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  For example, ICCM-Tech-Subscribe@yahoogroups.com

You can also go to the groups.yahoo.com website and search for any of the above lists to join via web.