International Conference on Computing and Missions
March 27-30 2019 Wed Sat, Nairobi, Kenya
- BTL - Kenya-


Registration closes at the end of day, 13 Mar.

ICCM Choices

Conference with housing at:

For 4 nights, Starting at 3:00pm Tuesday 26 Mar

Commuting (12,000 KSH) Includes 2 meals (Lunch and Dinner), morning tea, and afternoon tea. You are responsible to get yourself to and from BTL on a daily basis.
BTL housing has dual (20,000 KSH) and single (23,500 KSH) occupancy dorms. The BTL rooms are very nice with all regular amenities, include all meals, and are on the same campus where the ICCM conference is being held.


Check these if you need transportation to/from the airport. Everyone else is expected to find transportation all the way to BTL. Directions to BTL and bus information can be found here: directions to BTL
Taxi to and from BTL from airport (6,500 KSH)

Total in KSH:

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This will help the ICCM Africa preparation team to plan enough workshops for everyone!

Can you help shape the conference?

Please help us shape this conference based on your preferences
We are organizing the tracks for the conference with leadership, web technology and general technology themes.
This will only cover a small part of the technology industry and how it can be used in mission. Time is given within
the programme for Birds of a Feather (as in "flock together") or BOF sessions. These allow us to have structured
time for as yet undefined topics depending on the needs of the attendees. By completing information in this
section, we can define some of these areas before the conference and get a better idea of what would be helpful
to you as attendees.
The following questions are best answered by giving keywords.
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This will allow people to identify persons with experience in certain areas.
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Can you describe (with keywords)
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Sharepoint, Programming , Security, Email systems, Networks, Ubuntu Linux)
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Can you describe (with keywords)
The IT and/or management areas you can consider yourself to be an expert in
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Area's of IT Technology you plan to be implementing in the coming year:
(e.g.: Mobile website, Office 365, Fiber optic networks, Tablet evangelism campain, Bluetooth literature-sharing server)
Privacy exception 3C: This will be listed on the attendee list under 'Soon implement'
Can you describe (with keywords)
Very new technologies you have heard of that you would like to know more about:
(e.g.: Mesh wifi networks, Windows 8.1, Cloud security)
The worship team at ICCM-Africa is made up of attendees. We have someone heading this up, but can you help?
If you take part regularly at your local church in worship, either as a musician, singer, projectionist or PA person,
then you could well become involved in making ICCM-Africa very special for reasons other than technology.
Please complete in the box below details of how you are prepared to help including any instruments
you can play or use (including your voice!)
I can help the worship team by:
Do you preach sermons, give Bible studies etc?
We are looking for speakers who can do short
morning devotions. Would you like to do that?
Please answer in this box:
If you have been to ICCM before,
did you help with any organizational tasks?
Would you like to help in similar areas?
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Kenya prefers that you apply online before arriving, or get one from within the country you are leaving. Occasionally they will let you obtain your visa as you are entering the country, but you may not want to rely on this.

The leaders of ICCM-Africa are currently Americans and Dutch who visit Kenya. We can give you a letter showing you are attending the ICCM-Africa conference, but you will need to determine what other paperwork you will need to get a visa for Kenya.

Conference Payment

A complete registration process consists of
1. You complete e registration form

2. We will email that we have received the form and send you an invoice.

3. You Send us your travel information or confirm that you are local

4. We will notify you when we are capable of receiving payment. For those who will be paying in advance of the conference.


A. For those who do not pay until arrival, we will accept copies of various travel documents showing you are making it to Kenya as a good-faith promise that you will pay at the conference. If you find that you are unable to attend, please let us know of this as soon as you can.

B. For those paying before arrival, we will contact you when we are able to process your finances and get you the information you need to do so. We will be in email contact with you to help you if you have any questions.

We are transitioning the leadership of ICCM, but hope you can still pay with mpesa, bank transfer, bank deposit, or by bringing the finances to the conference. After you register, you will be put in email contact with the registration staff who will help you determine the best way to pay for the conference.

Conference payment:

If you have further questions please email: registration(AT)

Options for payment:

1. Bank Deposit

2. Wire Transfer - Banking Information will be provided via email when we have staff in Kenya to verify that the funds have been received.

3. MPesa - The MPesa account number will be given when we have staff in Kenya to verify that the funds have been received.

4. Cash upon arrival at ICCM-Africa during registration -


Total in KSH:
Payment How will you pay for the registration?: