ICCM-Africa Sessions

We are still working out the actual 2017 schedule, but here are many of the topics which will be covered in the conference:

Categories of tech trends; what actions should be part of our response plans. People propose topics to pursue, or to steer away from.
Group Activity – IT Disaster involving Ransomware attack
Network Monitoring using something like: Nagios, Cacti, Ntopng, etc
Server Hardware Choices. With servers switching from stand-alone to virtual-machines, and a lot of the infrastructure stuff, server hardware choice still takes a lot of research.
Professional Communication Skills
Cross between troubleshooting (how to observe, etc) and networking. Using the EduNetworkBuilder tool, walk through a lot of scenarios
Servant Leadership
Linux Day Training (Sessions 1) Why Linux? Demo install.
Linux Day Training (Sessions 2) Demo Kiosk
IT Security for End-Users; Malware; Avoiding the Phishing Hook, Options for Two-factor Authentication, and Password Management. Sharing passwords. Strong passwords. Email usage standards.
Linux Day Training (Sessions 3&4) Demo Wasta-offline; test installs
Google Apps. Leader encourages the group to share their ideas and challenges. Specific topics covered include Cloud to Cloud backup plus others requested by the group.
Linux Day Training (Sessions 5&6) Experimenting & Exploring
IT Tech Basics: Skills every techie should have, (basic networking, basic security, backups, antivirus, content-filtering, bandwidth-management, hd-space management, etc); Task manager, Task scheduler, Basic network troubleshooting; physical installation best practices (wireless, wired, distances, correct AP placement.)
Concepts of data backup and recovery, protection of sensitive data; various domains
African Experiences in IT : Stories of issues and solutions
Configuration and management of network using cellular services. Africa is going cellular rapidly even for networks. What configuration and management principles need to be implemented? Firewall and Wireless principles.
Linux Day Training (7&8) Demo remastersys, tools
Collaboration Tools (Skype, Hangout, Zoom, Vsee, WhatsApp, etc) Briefing and Sharing
Linux Day Training (9) Customizations
Best practices for Apple support concerns. Open forum to focus on areas of greatest interest. Point to common troubleshooting and support reference materials.
How to configure a network to meet the needs of your organization. round table discussion? Spread out “experts” at different tables. Learners describe their system and we help them come up with a network diagram?
Develop plans to apply the content of the conference
Debrief the conference. Evaluate potential improvements and feedback.